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Kubota Canada Ltd.

Bring in Spring 2016Kubota M7Orange Leaf Event 2015Dealer Marketing Portal Design

The first project at Kubota was the Orange Leaf Event (Fall) of 2014. The website was to simply present their marketing print collateral online for their dealers across Canada. Our first campaign website served more or less as a PDF downloader.

Now, we create dedicated landing sites catered for every year and campaign with detailed analyics and tracking. I have been Kubota's web developer and web designer for their bi-annual campaigns, "Bring in Spring" and "Orange Leaf Event", as well as other projects for the marketing team.

Apart from the technical work, I have taken time to get to know the people, brand, and company behind these products. I now notice Kubota's big orange machines plowing the streets. It's something most people wouldn't give a second thought about. But there's a whole market, and industry behind it that I am grateful to have learned.

    Key Responsibilities

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • User Interface
  • Analytics & Data

"Let's get it done. Whatever it takes."