My Story

My career in digital media, marketing, online business, and design started when I was 13. My father lost his job in the recession and with a new baby sister, I was placed in a predicament where I had to help support my family. My spirit of entrepreneurship was born out of necessity.

I began an online company and started selling various items online through eBay and eventually my own website.

During my sophomore and junior years of high school, I ran one of the top websites dropshipping pocket bikes online bringing in over $100K in revenue all while maintaining a 4.89 GPA (out of 4).

At the age of 18, I began my own LLC and started my freelance hustle, offering my expertise to a variety of organizations and growing my clientbase through referrals and networking.

I have since built a successful personal brand and feelance career using the Internet to help sell the nuttiest things from pet marmoset monkeys, to hydroponic lettuce, to vacant land on the Florida coastline.

Relevant Experience

RawR Marketing, LLC

Tiger Sun Designs Inc.

Principal Consultant & Owner

I have been a hired gun for over 5 years now in both the United States and Canada - working as a consultant and contractor on hundreds of projects for dozens of organizations both big and small.

Legacy Work

Payabillity Inc.

Creative Director - 1 year & 4 months

Payabillity is a startup venture which I worked very passionately on. I led product design & development and coordinated all of the marketing for the company. I also helped define proprietary systems and processes new to the payments and card industry.

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Kubota Canada Ltd.

Contractor & Consultant - 2 years & current

For Kubota, I designed and developed websites for multiple campaigns throughout each year and assisted with front-end development and analytics for multiple aspects of the marketing team.

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Fresh Box Farms/Crop One Holdings

Contractor & Consultant - 2 years & current

Throughout two years and two brand changes, I've helped develop websites, content, and marketing strategy alongside the executive team. I am still their go-to-guy for any thing digital media related.

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Andy Henriquez Enterprises

Designer & Developer - 5.5 years & current

Andy was one of my first clients and now my good friend. After years working together on dozens of products and ideas, Andy now has a very successful speaking platform and business where I serve as his lead designer, developer, and marketing strategist.

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Tools of the Trade

Copywriting · InfusionSoft · Google Adwords · SEO · Split Testing
Photoshop · InDesign · Illustrator · Premiere Pro
Photography & Video Editing (Storytelling)
UX · UI · HTML · CSS · Wordpress


University of Florida

Business, Marketing 2 Years - 3.99 GPA with Scholarships

After living in the US for 18 years, US Immigration then nulled my scholarships, hiked my tuition up to $18K a semester and forced me out of the country if I could not pay it. Canada has been wonderful to me.